R&B Plastics Machinery Unveils New MAX 1800 Series Injection Blow Machine Line

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injection blow molding machineSALINE, Mich., May 2, 2016 – R&B Plastics Machinery LLC, a leading manufacturer of blow molding machinerysingle-screw plastic extruders, and extruder process screws, and a machinery rebuilder, has announced the launch of the MAX 1800 series injection blow molding (IBM) machine line which is designed to provide trouble-free operation and easy maintenance. The launch marks R&B’s entry into the Injection Blow Machine market. The company is already a leading supplier of extrusion blow molding (EBM) machines including wheel and shuttle systems.

R&B is introducing the MAX 1835 injection blow machine with a 135-ton injection clamp for production of a wide range of pharmaceutical and home and personal care bottles made of HDPE, LDPE, PET, SAN, and PP, among others. A bigger unit, the MAX 1880 with a 180-ton clamp, is in final design and is expected to be available in July 2016.

“This introduction addresses the needs of the injection blow market which is plagued by aged machinery,” explained Walter Priest, a 30-year veteran of the IBM industry and Business Unit Director for R&B’s IBM technology. “We closely examined problems and limitations of current models and developed some innovative features and benefits that are head and shoulders above the competition.”

Priest is overseeing the engineering and machine development for the new MAX IBM product line and is confident that the MAX 1800 Series delivers unique solutions that improve productivity and efficiency for processors. The new machine line is expected to reduce down time, decrease the cost of production, and is generally more cost-effective than competitive IBM models on the market. These key benefits are realized without sacrificing performance and reliability, according to Priest.

The MAX 1835 IBM unit features a broad range of improvements that enhance operation and minimize maintenance including an innovative trigger bar locking mechanism that eliminates wear components that require regular service. The expected service life is four times that of competitive mechanical locking pistons. In addition, pre-fill valves for the injection clamp are externally mounted for easy maintenance and extra-large diameter transfer shafts provide long life and accurate position control thanks to a heavy-duty drive hub which is electrically driven for precise control. The five-inch tie-bar diameter for the injection clamp is larger than competitive models and resists breakage.

Meanwhile, the MAX 1835 boasts a molding table which is plated for long wear and corrosion resistance unlike untreated competitive tables which are oiled and become oxidized. A high-density chrome finish minimizes damage when the mold slides in and out. A convertible cooling center of pressure provides maximum flexibility by simplifying the locating position for a customer’s competitive tooling.

The electrical system is designed and built to rigorous IEC 61439-1 standards for short circuit protection. R&B offers both Siemens and Allen-Bradley control systems and both provide a 15-in touchscreen panel for set-up, data read-out, and recall of mold process settings. Temposonic linear position sensors for press sections, ejector, and extruder controls provide precise digital position input and are immune to electrical noise. The MAX 1800 series machines are available with remote access for easy process monitoring and diagnostic assistance.

The MAX 1835 consists of a rigid steel frame and table construction and a three-station tie-bar design keeps all hydraulic components under the molding table. An air-pressure assisted lift-up style operator’s gate offers maximum safety. This allows access to the control panel at all times. An integrated locking mechanism in the operator gate’s handle is safer than gates utilizing chains or cables that are prone to break and allow the gate to drop unexpectedly.

Dry cycle time is three seconds and machine output ranges from 1500 bottles per hour to 4000 bottles per hour. The new IBM unit is backed by the industry’s most reliable field service and technical support team.

R&B Plastics Machinery sells extrusion systems, blow molding machines, and performs extensive rebuilds and modernization of all competitive equipment. The company serves a diverse customer base with many business segments and markets including food and beverage, personal care, household, pharmaceutical, motor oil and lubricants, automotive, lawn and agricultural chemicals, and industrial specialties. Modernization and upgrade services bring older machinery up-to- date, thus providing measurable productivity improvements, faster cycle time, energy savings, improved quality, and greater efficiency and consistency. Cost savings benefits usually include decreased labor, utility, and materials usage variance improvement.

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R&B Plastics Machinery LLC, based in Saline, Mich., is a manufacturer of blow molding machines, single-screw plastic extruders, extruder process screws, and trimming systems that can be custom configured to meet the most demanding process applications. An experienced technical staff engineers machinery to provide maximum output and superior performance. With one of the most comprehensive field-service/support groups in the industry, R&B Plastics Machinery ensures that machinery remains current.

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