R&B has the expertise to refurbish your existing equipment to bring it up to today’s standards with considerably less cost versus purchasing new equipment. This could be as simple as replacing worn out components, or as technical as replacing your outdated electronics system to today’s standards. We also pride ourselves in our ability to bring our customer’s outdated equipment up to the latest ANSI safety standards.

Our reconditioning services give you the option of upgrading your existing equipment to the latest industry standards, which will give you the output of new equipment at considerably less cost.

Please contact R&B if you would like additional information regarding our reconditioning services: email info@rbplasticsmachinery.com or call 734-429-9421.


machine repair before image

  • Worn and damaged items
  • Excessive filth, surface areas are scratched and paint is in poor condition
  • Outdated machine controls
  • Outdated safety features


machine repair image

  • Complete teardown and replacement of worn or damaged components
  • Machine is steam cleaned, primed, and painted to your specifications
  • New PLC and HMI plus additional options to upgrade to the latest technology
  • Upgraded to the latest ANSI safety standards
  • Multilayer parison options
  • Container take-out options
  • Many other upgrade options to increase efficiency

Accumulator Machine Rebuilds

An R&B customer purchased a used Sterling dual-head Accumulator Machine as an entry into blow molding. The customer then sent this machine to R&B for a thorough inspection and evaluation. R&B provided a rebuild/upgrade proposal to our customer, who purchased all line-items, complete. Bottom line: Our customer now has a “new” (fully refurbished) machine for approx. 50% to 60% of the cost of going with a new machine (depending on rebuild options), yet still obtains all the benefits of new!

More about our accumulator rebuild services >>

R&B Can Modernize Your Plant: OEM and Rebuilding Machines to Like-new Condition

extruder repairFor over 34-years R&B Plastics Machinery has helped blow molders and extrusion companies stretch budgets by rebuilding/retrofitting existing machines. We’re experts at upgrading older blow molders, extruders, trimmers – any brand or model.

Result: Your plant runs more efficiently and products are higher quality. Cost-savings are measured in decreased labor, power and materials usage.

Rebuild and Modernization Services for Blow Molding Machines, Extruders, and Trimmers

Including: Hydraulic, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Electrical Systems, Controls Systems and Programming, and Downstream Equipment

Count on R&B Plastics Machinery for modernization and upgrade services that bring older machinery up to like-new condition for measurable improvements in:

  • Production runs
  • Faster cycle speeds
  • Savings on energy, manpower, materials
  • Reduced off-spec products/better quality
  • Production with greater efficiency, consistency

At R&B we are flexible! We can work directly at your site or ship machines directly to our facility. Proper preparation allows us to start repair work faster and saves labor time. We provide inspection and estimates with realistic completion dates. Common overhaul areas include:

  • Gear cases, rebuild and maintenance
  • New screws and barrels
  • New barrel-heating systems, including steel, bronze, mica, cast aluminum, ceramic
  • New barrel-cooling systems – water or air-cooled
  • Screen changes – hydraulic, manual, continuous
  • De-flashers, Dome Trimming, Facing, and Inspection for low and high-volume systems
  • Motors, drives replaced or upgraded
  • Extruder screw replacements
  • New system controls
  • Parison Controls
  • Barrel bore scoping, bore gauging, and screw measuring protection
  • Replace or upgrade controls systems — typically Siemens, Allen-Bradley or designed to your production requirements, including recipe storage and password protection
  • Coordinate cycle functions for proper heats, pressures and speed control
  • Camming: Synchronization of motions to reduce cycle times

Five reasons to Use R&B’s Modernization Services

blow molding before and after rebuild

  1. Proper maintenance/upgrades extend the life of capital equipment.
  2. R&B works on all makes, all models.
  3. Our service crews have extensive experience.
  4. R&B can stretch maintenance budgets to maximize production capacity!
  5. Capital equipment improvements are value-added investments.

R&B technical/service personnel have expertise in these continuous and non-continuous blow molding machines:

  • Mechanical wheel blow molders – mono and multi-layer co-extrusion
  • Rotary indexing blow molders (high-speed production lines)
  • Reciprocating blow molders
  • Shuttle blow molders
  • Continuous extrusion-blow molders

For extrusion, service people are well versed on process-issues relating to:

  • Sheet extrusion
  • Cast Sheet extrusion
  • Pipe (rigid and flexible)
  • Profile, all shapes/sizes
  • Tubing for diverse end-use markets
  • Compounding

Prototype Development

R&B provides prototype development for bottle-design trials. Our process development experts can help you save on expensive die changes and costly material runs. R&B is conveniently located in Saline, MI — about five miles from Ann Arbor and 25-minutes west of Detroit’s Airport (DTW).

Run samples on our machines to evaluate product quality and fine-tune all stages of the bottle-development process, including:

  • Materials
  • Mold design
  • Tooling design
  • Wall thicknesses
  • Cycle-time changes
  • Parison-control adjustments and more