Efficient Bottle Production

The MAX Parison Control from R&B Plastics Machinery provides measurable, high- performance wall-thickness control of the blow mold parison. Engineered by R&B for each specific blow mold process, the MAX is a closed-loop system that features both time-base and position-base profiling.

Benefits include:
MAX parison control tube

  • Precise tooling control results in higher quality containers and reduced material usage.
  • Specifications include:
    • 100 master-point capability
    • Linear or S-curve interpolation between master points
    • Interpolation between profile points during run-time
    • Multiple parison cylinder capability
    • Valve linearization table to improve dynamic performance
  • Uses a 100-point Parison profile control with independent and selectable profiles.
  • Recipe storage of all parison parameters on a USB memory stick or internal hard drive (plus machine parameters, if applicable).
  • Uses common off-the-shelf PLC, HMI and I/O parts; no proprietary hardware.
  • Provided with major automation manufacturers’ platforms – you select customization as required.
  • PC , PLC and HMI can be used as machine control (saves dollars, reduces equipment – one recipe does it all, etc.).
  • Precision control of parison wall-thickness optimizes container quality and minimizes material use.
  • Available with easy-to-read graphics and color touchscreen in 12.5”, 15” and 17” sizes.
  • Our PC-based system allows for easy access and quick process changes by operators:
    • Line graphics are incorporated to display parison profile and parison values.
    • Available in closed-loop hydraulic and positioning control.
  • The MAX Parison Controls system provides a high response proportional valve and LVDT position transducer for digital servovalve control.
  • All MAX Parison control systems provide multiple security levels, process trending, process graphs, alarm annunciation and recipe storage.
  • R&B’s MAX Parison Controls system can be provided on new R&B machines or retrofitted on existing blow mold machines – all makes and models.

Parison control bottles

Cut Costs: The MAX Parison Control Reduces Inefficiencies, Material and Energy Waste

R&B Plastics Machinery is an industry leader in manufacturing high-production, advanced technology blow molding systems for the bottle/container industries. For more information on the MAX Parison Control system or R&B blow mold, extrusion, and trimming equipment OR retrofit/modernization of existing equipment, contact the Sales Dept. at 734-429-9421. E-mail project requirements tosales@rbplasticsmachinery.com.