trimming scrap releaseR&B’s Controlled Scrap Release System provides precise handling of the container neck flash throughout the entire deflashing process.

Trimmers/Deflashers Data Sheet (PDF)

Advantages of this system include:

  • Provides a safer working environment as neck flash is constantly held until disposed of over your scrap conveying system, and not on the production floor where it becomes a safety hazard
  • Allows your machinery operators to spend more time on production requirements and less on housekeeping of the trimmer
  • One set of neck flash gripper tooling for many different types of containers equals less money spent on container-specific tooling
  • R&B deflashing trimmers work on all types and brands of blow molding machines
  • R&B trimming options designed around your specific needs and include deflashing, chipless cutting, dome cutting, facing/reaming, and inspection
Controlled Scrap Release System
Controlled Scrap Release System
Controlled Scrap Release System

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