Mechanical Wheel Molding System

wheel blow molding machineThe R&B Mechanical Wheel Molding System is designed for high-volume blow molding applications. Monolayer and multilayer configurations are available on single and multi-parison applications. The mechanical wheel system gives the customer a proven low-maintenance, high-volume machine for multiple container sizes.

Advantages of the R&B wheel blow molding machine include:

  • High-tolerance machine frame with fixed cams to ensure proper opening
  • Closing and compression of molds without a toggle mechanism
  • Wear assemblies are designed for easy removal allowing in-plant refurbishment
  • Direct acting slides secured within machine cams gives accurate, easy-moving machine operations

wheel blow molding machineR&B Plastic Machinery’s long history of building standard and specialty-wheel systems allows our company to make machinery to fit virtually any blow molding need. Standard wheel-machinery designs allow for change in cavitations to accommodate a variety of blow molded parts. R&B’s extensive experience in specialty-machinery designs give our customers options not available anywhere else in the blow molding market.