RBS Shuttle Machine Series

R&B Plastics Machinery brings over 35-years’ of blow molding machine-design and blow mold process-experience to the Long-Stroke and Industrial Shuttle market. We provide manufacturing solutions for a wide range of bottle applications, including short-run or high-volume production. Every system, every machine utilizes R&B’s hydraulic, electrical and mechanical expertise. New engineering developments have created production advantages for our machinery including PC/PLC motion control and controlled flash-removal systems.

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R&B RBS Series All-Electric Shuttle Machines at a Glance 

RBS Shuttle Advantages

  • RBS Shuttles are designed for continual use and durability: All machines are engineered with heavy-duty steel frames to accommodate high-clamp tonnage, fixed calibration and specialty trimming.
  • Hydraulic, Hybrid, and All Electric models are available with options such as In Mold Labeling (IML), In Machine Leak Testing, View Stripe and Co Extrusion, Mold and Tooling Quick Change Technology, and much more.
  • Operators’ ease-of-use considered: Simplistic operator screens and controls for easy start-up, production and diagnostics.
  • Production speeds improve output: Latest advancements in shuttle-motion technology mean multiple movements can be cammed together yielding faster cycle times.
  • R&B Die Heads speed-up color changes, improve versatility: Spiral or standard sleeves offer extremely fast color changes and exact layering structures to improve product quality.
  • Cleaner work areas with Scrap and Flash removal
  • Seamless, integrated line functions : Our fully integrated line-control system manages all machine functions as well as parison control. Designed with PLC or PC systems, you specify brands.
  • Open-architecture control systems customized to your manufacturing functions: Using off-the-shelf, commercially available parts allows for greater flexibility. All engineering functions and R&B’s proprietary parison control included with these systems.

Key Features

  • Long stroke shuttle
  • Single and double station
  • Hydraulic, hybrid, or all electric platforms available
  • In machine trimming
  • Servo Pick & Place bottle take-out
  • In machine leak checking
  • Optional IML, view stripe and co-extrusion
  • Quick changeover option
  • AC inverter extruder drive controllers
  • Central lubrication
  • Single and multi-parison dieheads