R&B Plastics Machinery Announces Partnership with SIKA Machinery Co. and Seecor Blow Moulding Solutions for Production of New Blow Molding Machine Lines

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SALINE, Mich., December 7, 2018 – R&B Plastics Machinery LLC, a leading manufacturer of blow molding machinery, single-screw plastic extruders, extruder process screws, and a machinery rebuilder, has announced a strategic partnership with Sika, a custom blow molding machine maker in Taiwan, and Seecor, a technology company based in South Africa, for the production of new fully electric, hybrid, and hydraulic blow molding machines.
The new shuttle and accumulator head machines, sold and engineered under the R&B Plastics Machinery brand, will expand the company’s portfolio of blow molding machinery for the consumer packaging, automotive, and industrial markets, according to Fred Piercy, president of R&B Plastics Machinery. The launch of the new machinery also marks R&B’s entry into the all-electric blow molding machine segment. The company is already a leading supplier of extrusion blow molding (EBM) machines including wheel and shuttle systems.

“This partnership will result in the development of a new series of machine platforms that will incorporate R&B technology, engineering, and know-how,” said Piercy. “This business arrangement will significantly expand our machine portfolio and enable us to compete with larger rivals, particularly in the all-electric market.”

R&B is an established technology developer and manufacturer, long known for its robust and dependable blow molding machine line and its highly trained customer support and service team. The company will combine modern and efficient blow mold technology and marketing approaches to offer the R&B Sika Shuttle line (RBS Series) and accumulator machines (RBA Series) throughout the North American market. The all-electric machines will consist of shuttle platforms ranging from 350mm – 1250mm long stroke, offered in both single- and double-sided machine configurations.

As a partner, Sika will manufacture systems and components which will be shipped to R&B’s manufacturing facility in Saline, Mich. for final assembly and customer trials. R&B maintains all detailed drawings of the machinery, and will provide all service and parts supply from its Saline, Mich. North American facility. Seecor will provide technology support including manufacturing guidance and design, primarily at SIKA in Taiwan.

Under the new partnership, R&B Plastics Machinery has already sold multiple new shuttle machines in the U.S.

R&B Plastics Machinery sells extrusion systems, blow molding machines, and performs extensive rebuilds and modernization of all competitive equipment. The company serves a diverse customer base with many business segments and markets including food and beverage, personal care, household, pharmaceutical, motor oil and lubricants, automotive, lawn and agricultural chemicals, and industrial specialties. Modernization and upgrade services bring older machinery up-to-date, thus providing measurable productivity improvements, faster cycle time, energy savings, improved quality, and greater efficiency and consistency. Cost savings benefits typically include decreased labor, utility, and materials usage variance improvement.

About Sika

SIKA Machinery Company Ltd. is situated in Taichung in Taiwan and was established in 2000 by Robert Chang after years of experience in the blow molding field. Chang identified the need for a local specialized machine manufacturer capable of producing high-quality, customized machines for the international markets. Using the industrialized resources of the Taiwanese marketplace, he succeeded in building the SIKA brand name and producing machinery comparable to top suppliers in Europe and the U.S. The advantages of owning a SIKA machine include the use of high-strength frames and customized machine designs to suit any requirement as well as offering long life. For more information, visit http://www.seecor.com/sika.php.

About Seecor

Since 1988, Cape Town, South Africa-based Seecor Blow Moulding Solutions has been a well-respected supplier of South African-built blow molding machinery with exports throughout Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. In 2008, Seecor initiated a partnership with SIKA (Taiwan) and through their manufacturing facility in Taichung, now offers a complete portfolio of blow molding machinery for any container or technical item.

Further relationships have been developed with other blow molding machinery suppliers to allow the offering of technologies such as IBM, SBM, ISBM, and wheel machines. This means Seecor can now offer the most efficient solution for any blow molding requirement.

Seecor also rebuilds and remanufactures machinery and supplies technology components, such as extrusion heads and parison cutting devices, as well as automation solutions for downstream equipment. For more information, visit http://seecor.com/about.php.

About R&B Plastics Machinery LLC

R&B Plastics Machinery LLC, based in Saline, Mich., is a manufacturer of blow molding machines, single-screw plastic extruders, extruder process screws, and trimming systems that can be custom configured to meet the most demanding process applications. An experienced technical staff engineers machinery to provide maximum output and superior performance. With one of the most comprehensive field-service/support groups in the industry, R&B Plastics Machinery ensures that machinery remains current. For more information, visit www.rbplasticsmachinery.com.

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