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extruder screws

MAX IMPACT™ screws are designed to provide the maximum output at the maximum value. Through our process staff and Tim Womer, R&B’s Chief Process Consultant, we can design single-screw extruder screws at competitive prices for all polymers and processes. This applies to ALL major brands of extruders.

No matter what the material or conditions, R&B can provide the right screw for the job. MAX IMPACT™ feed-screws are designed to fit your application, no matter what OEM brand. This includes:

  • Vented and non-vented screw designs
  • Flight-land hard facing, mixing sections
  • High-wear and corrosive environments
  • Chrome and nickel plating
  • Barrier flights
  • ALL single-screw applications – call for a consult

MAX IMPACT™ screws deliver:

  • Improved melt quality
  • Better melt stability
  • Improved production

Extruder Screw Gallery

Extruder Screw from R&B

Double-spiralfeed screw with UCC mixers for improved color dispersion.

Extruder Screw from R&B

Close-up of double UCC mixing screw. This type of mixer is used for improved dispersionary mixing.

Extruder Screw from R&B

Max Impact™ screw with evolution mixer tip on process consultant’s work table/inspection station.

Extruder Screw from R&B

HDPE MAX Impact™ feed screw.

Extruder Screw from R&B

Drive shank and feed section of MAX Impact™ screw.

Extruder Screw from R&B

Close up of shank with feed section.

Extruder Screw from R&B

Max Impact™ screw with evolution mixer tip on process consultant’s inspection station.

Extruder Screw from R&B

Replacements and Upgrades:  Max Impact™ Recip feed screw for a Uniloy reciprocating blow molder.

Begin your improved processing experience with the MAX IMPACT™ screws. Contact R&B Plastics Machinery to speak to one of our sales staff. Call 734-429-9421 or email

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