Specially Designed for Continuous and Reciprocating Blow-Molding Equipment

long reciprocating screwMAX IMPACT™ Recip Screws are designed to provide the maximum output at the maximum value. Through our process staff and Tim Womer, R&B’s Chief Process Consultant, we can design reciprocating blow molder screws tailored to your applications.

Max Extrusion Control System (PDF)


Max Extruder (PDF)

Max Impact™ Extrusion Screws (PDF)

extruder screw repairOur experience in custom packaging gives clients strong support in manufacturing all types of blow-molded containers. R&B can provide you with the best reciprocating screws available at competitive prices for all polymers and processes. This applies to ALL major brands of blow mold machines and plastic extruders.

No matter what the material or conditions, R&B can provide the right reciprocating screw for the job. MAX IMPACT™ Recip feed-screws are designed to fit your application. This includes:

  • Vented and non-vented screw designs
  • Flight-land hard facing, mixing sections
  • High-wear and corrosive environments
  • Chrome and nickel plating
  • Barrier flights
  • Repair and resurfacing of screws (if salvageable)
  • Call R&B for a consult on your container-design and processing challenges

MAX IMPACT™ Recip Screws deliver:
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  • Improved melt quality
  • Better melt stability
  • Improved production

Begin your improved processing experience with the MAX IMPACT™ Recip Screws. Contact R&B Plastics Machinery to speak to one of our sales staff.