Screw Recommendations for Specific Resins and Processes

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Tim Womer, Chief Process Consultant at R&B Plastics Machinery LLC, has over 35-years experience in the plastics industry. His specialty is feed screw design and process analysis to determine the best screw geometry and process parameters needed to obtain excellent melt temperatures, optimum screw speeds, and head pressures for diverse plastics applications. This also includes recommendations for trouble-shooting existing process problems.

Womer has developed more than 5,000 screw designs and holds numerous patents for blow molding, extrusion, and thermoforming applications. Early in 2012 R&B Plastics Machinery introduced the MAX Impact feed screw line for extrusion applications; the MAX-Recip Impact screwscrew complements these with even more features to enhance production throughput for bottles. Working with the R&B staff, these were engineered with Tim’s knowledge and expertise.

Equipment performance is improved with proper mixing of the materials to achieve the best homogeneous melt quality, production efficiencies and highest product characteristic. Below are Womer’s recommendations for a broad array of resins. For questions or a consultation with him, contact Tim at or 724-355-3311.