New Reciprocating Screw Introduced by R&B Plastics Machinery

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Max-Recip Impact Screw Improves Blow Molding Runs

Saline, MI – Finding a high-performance screw for certain blow molding applications is often a challenge. R&B Plastics Machinery is pleased to introduce the Max-Recip Impact Screw, a new line of feed screws specifically designed for high throughputs, low melt temperatures and improved mixing capabilities on reciprocating blow molders, most often used to make dairy bottles and other packaging applications, said Matthew Gifford, Technical Product Manager.

“Our customers in the dairy and juice markets repeatedly told us how difficult it was to find feed screws engineered to their needs. Milk processing plants rely on quality containers an on-time delivery, which requires bottle suppliers to run efficient, consistent operations. Tests with our new Max-Recip Impact Screw showed high performance and lower shear for reduced melt temperature,” Gifford explained.

“The Max-Recip Impact Screw has improved throughput rates better than the standard OEM screw technology. The new feed screws are made of high quality carbon steel with bi-metallic flight hard-facing and chrome plated for extended production life. This provides long-term durability and performance capabilities, which are critical for manufacturing,” he added.

The new Max-Recip Impact screws are for replacements/upgrades as well as new machine screws. The Max 350R2 Recip screw (its technical name) was designed by Tim Womer, R&B’s Chief Process Consultant. Womer has developed more than 5,000 screw designs as well as numerous patents for blow molding, extrusion, and thermoforming applications. Earlier this year R&B Plastics Machinery introduced the MAX Impact feed screw line for extrusion applications; the Max-Recip design complements those screws with even more features to enhance production throughput for bottles.

R&B manufactures extrusion and blow-molding machinery for the plastics industry. Its customers represent diverse end-use markets such as food/beverage, personal care, medical, motor oil/lubricants, household cleaners, detergents, lawn/agricultural chemicals and more.

“We believe there are good opportunities to better serve these end-use markets with a high- performance reciprocating blow molder screw custom-designed to provide consistent results at maximum throughput,” Gifford said.

R&B’s sister company, Monroe Mold, is based in Monroe, MI. The company makes dies and tooling for the blow-molding market. Its close proximity to R&B — just 38-miles south – makes it ideal for testing prototype molds. Both firms are part of R&B Holding Co. LLC owned by the Talon Group based in Grosse Pointe, MI. For more information see