Chili Cook-off Brightens Wintertime at R&B

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The first “Annual Chili Cook-off”  announcement started a spirited competition between R&B employees.  There were ten entries representing all types of chili – mild, medium and hot – and employees ate as much as they liked from the long line of crock pots (all entries were numbered and anonymous so results were a surprise).  Two kinds of white chicken-chili and variations on the traditional red kept employees busy tasting all types.  Cornbread, rolls and butter, beverages and brownies accompanied the entrée. The January 13 lunch featured a broad selection of chili judged by:

  • Taste
  • Texture  (“Soupiness”)
  • Degree of Spice (“too spicey” not necessarily a winner)

Mark Boone, Assembler, and Phil Smith, Plant Supervisor, sampled and judged the chili.  They immediately announced results and prizes were distributed on site. The top winner also received a crown to recognize his culinary skills.  Chili Cook-off winners were:

  •  1st Place:  Ken Caryl, Product Manager/Sales Engineer
  • 2nd Place:  Mark Wegner, Assembler
  • 3rd Place:  Terry Lloyd, Director of Procurement
[nggallery id=2] The R&B Chili Cook-off contest is to be an annual winter event.