Custom Blow Molding Design

blow mold designThrough our sister company, Monroe Mold, R&B Plastics Machinery uses a combination of the latest 2D and 3D software for all blow mold design work. From the initial product design to the final mold we can provide detailed information in a format that is most compatible with your current software. We have experience in designing blow molds for various machine platforms and configurations and we can incorporate any specific mold standards that you may have. Our engineers use a very strict set of standards that have been developed based on our 30+ years of blow mold and tool design.

monroe mold blow molds
blow mold making

Mold Making

blow mold makingOur mold makers average over 15 years of experience. We have a very stringent apprenticeship program that helps ensure the highest level of craftsmanship and quality in the industry. We have taken a team approach to every job that goes through our shop. Each new job that comes in is assigned a job leader and a team who are responsible for the job from the start all the way to the finished product. This results in smoother work flow and eliminates the “bottle necks” associated with individual departments. Our mold makers are very diversified and can operate all of our machinery, which helps reduce any chances for miscommunication that might be caused from passing the job from department to department.

Plastics Tooling

When you get a new mold set chances are you are going to need new auxiliary tooling to go along with it. We can design and build blow pin and takeout tooling that will fit into your blow mold machine to run with your new mold set. If any secondary operations like deflashing or facing and reaming are required we can design and build the appropriate tooling for your existing machine.

Rapid Plastic Prototype Molds

plastic mold prototype manufacturerOur shop specializes in quickly and efficiently building rapid plastic prototype molds. We can provide a plastic prototype mold in less than one week to either fit into your existing sampling machine or, we can run your samples at our facility to your requirements.

Mold Repair and Conditioning

All molds wear out but we can help you get extra life out of your molds. We can evaluate your molds and determine the proper course of action to bring them to a like-new condition. Whether you need pinch edges repaired or entire cavities recut, we can recondition your molds to produce bottles that meet your specifications.