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Technical Knowledge: Part of R&Bís Superior Service

MAX Impactô screws deliver improved melt quality and increased production. No matter what the material or conditions, R&B will provide the right screw for the job.

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Five reasons to Use R&Bís Modernization Services

  • Proper maintenance / upgrades extend the life of capital equipment.
  • R&B works on all makes, all models.
  • Our service crews have over 450-years of collective experience.
  • R&B can stretch maintenance budgets to maximize production capacity.
  • Capital equipment improvements are value-added investments.

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R&B Plastics Machinery is a manufacturer of blow molding machines and single-screw extrusion machinery. We provide remanufacturing and modernization services for R&B Plastics Machinery blow molders and extruders, but also for other manufacturers' equipment as well.

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