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New Reciprocating Screw Introduced by R&B Plastics Machinery

We are pleased to introduce the Max-Recip Impact Screw, a new line of feed screws specifically designed for high throughputs, low melt temperatures and improved mixing capabilities on reciprocating blow molders...

MAX Parison Control
MAX Parison Control

The MAX Parison Control from R&B Plastics Machinery provides measurable, high- performance wall-thickness control of the blow mold parison. Engineered by R&B for each specific blow mold process, the MAX is a closed-loop system that features both time-base and position-base profiling.
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The R&B Mechanical Wheel Molding System is designed for high-volume blow molding applications. Monolayer and multilayer configurations are available on single and multi-parison applications. The mechanical wheel system gives the customer a proven low-maintenance, high-volume machine for multiple container sizes. Advantages of the R&B wheel blow molding machine include:

  • High-tolerance machine frame with fixed cams to ensure proper opening
  • Closing and compression of molds without a toggle mechanism
  • Wear assemblies are designed for easy removal allowing in-plant refurbishment
  • Direct acting slides secured within machine cams gives accurate, easy-moving machine operations

R&B Plastic Machinery's long history of building standard and specialty-wheel systems allows our company to make machinery to fit virtually any blow molding need. Standard wheel-machinery designs allow for change in cavitations to accommodate a variety of blow molded parts. R&B's extensive experience in specialty-machinery designs give our customers options not available anywhere else in the blow molding market.

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