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MAX Parison Control
MAX Parison Control

The MAX Parison Control from R&B Plastics Machinery provides measurable, high- performance wall-thickness control of the blow mold parison. Engineered by R&B for each specific blow mold process, the MAX is a closed-loop system that features both time-base and position-base profiling.
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single screw extruders
New "MAX Extruder"

R & B offers the MAX Extruder, a complete line of single-screw extruders ranging in size from 1"-10" in diameter.
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RB 6000 Long Stroke Industrial Shuttle Machine

Long Stroke Shuttle Machine

R&B Plastics Machinery brings over 30-yearsí of blow molding machine-design and blow mold process-experience to the Long-Stroke and Industrial Shuttle market. We provide manufacturing solutions for a wide range of bottle applications, including short-run or high-volume production. Every system, every machine utilizes R&Bís hydraulic, electrical and mechanical expertise. New engineering developments have created production advantages for our machinery including PC/PLC motion control and controlled flash-removal systems.

RB 6000 Industrial Shuttle Advantages

  • RB 6000 R&B designed for continual use and durability: All machines are engineered with heavy-duty steel frames to accommodate high-clamp tonnage, fixed calibration and specialty trimming.
  • Operatorsí ease-of-use considered: Simplistic operator screens and controls for easy start-up, production and diagnostics.
  • Production speeds improve output: Latest advancements in shuttle-motion technology mean multiple movements can be cammed together yielding faster cycle times.
  • Quicker Mold Changes keep production-lines running: Center machine mold-changeover systems complete with lock-in mold cart, clamp platen roller system, quick locking mechanism and fixed tooling allow for fast job changes.
  • R&B Die Heads speed-up color changes, improve versatility: Spiral or standard sleeves offer extremely fast color changes and exact layering structures to improve product quality.
  • Save time and money with reduced tool-change time: Fixed blow-pin system manifold assemblies allow for one-time set-up and consistent, accurate mold and tooling die set-ups, time after time. This fixed blow-pin system applies to R&Bís transfer/deflash removal system as well.
  • Cleaner work areas with Scrap and Flash removal: R&Bís flash-removal system includes gripper assemblies to hold excess plastic (flash) and release into an open chute. All scrap is positively controlled and time released for all-grade scrap handling. (No mess!)
  • Seamless, integrated line functions : Our fully integrated line-control system manages all machine functions as well as parison control. Designed with PLC or PC systems, you specify brands.
  • Open-architecture control systems customized to your manufacturing functions: Using off-the-shelf, commercially available parts allows for greater flexibility. All engineering functions and R&Bís proprietary parison control included with these systems.

Long Stroke Shuttle Machine Mechanical Features
Model RB 6000 RB 8000 RB Industrial
Mold Width 635mm/25" 890mm/35" 1320mm/52"
Mold Height 18" 18" 32"
Shuttle Height 14" 14" 20"
Clamping Stations 2 2 2
Clamp Tonnage 25 35 60
Long Stroke Shuttle Machine Standard Diehead Configurations
Model RB 6000 RB 8000 RB Industrial
2 Cavities 1/635mm 1/890mm 1/1,320mm
4 Cavities 2/315mm 2/440mm 2/660mm
6 Cavities 3/210mm 3/290mm 3/440mm
8 Cavities 4/155mm 4/220mm 4/330mm
10 Cavities 5/125mm 5/175mm
12 Cavities 6/105mm 6/145mm
14 Cavities 7/90mm 7/125mm
16 Cavities 8/75mm 8/110mm
Additional Configurations Available

Why Choose R&B?
Blow Molding Documentation

Shuttle Data Sheet (PDF)

Long Stroke Shuttle Gallery

Proprietary Controls/HMI (Human Machine Interface)
Proprietary Controls/HMI
(Human Machine Interface)

R&B Die Head & Clamp
R&B Die Head & Clamp

Long Stroke Shuttle Machine Deflash Gripper
Deflash Gripper

Industrial Shuttle
Industrial Shuttle

Key Features
  • Inclined or horizontal machines
  • Free-standing platens with mold face compensation
  • In machine trimming
  • Positive electric bottle take-out
  • In machine leak checking
  • AC inverter extruder drive controllers
  • State of the art hydraulic packages
  • Proportional or standard hydraulic systems
  • Central lube
  • Single and multi-parison dieheads
  • Optional IML, view stripe and co-extrusion
  • Quick changeover option
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