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MAX Parison Control
MAX Parison Control

The MAX Parison Control from R&B Plastics Machinery provides measurable, high- performance wall-thickness control of the blow mold parison. Engineered by R&B for each specific blow mold process, the MAX is a closed-loop system that features both time-base and position-base profiling.
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We have a dedicated service team with over 450-years combined experience. They include mechanical, electrical, and hydraulics/pneumatics specialists. Call us for assistance with any make or model of blow molding or extrusion equipment.
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  • The U.S. plastics industry employs more than 1.1 million workers.
  • The U.S. plastics industry creates $374 billion in annual shipments.

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rotary blow molding machine

Our line of indexing continuous extrusion blow molding machinery combines the advantages of both wheel blow molders and shuttle blow molding machinery, namely high output rates with the advantage of a calibrated water cooled neck finish.

Designed to accommodate multiple parisons, multilayer coextrusion, and in-mold-labeling of containers from 12 oz. to 2.5 gallons, the blow molding machinery offers outstanding quality at excellent output to capital cost ratios. The blow molder has been designed for ultimate flexibility by incorporating standard quick changeover features.

Blow Molding Clamp Specifications
Model R4-11 R8-11 R8-15
Mold Width 508 mm 508 mm 762 mm
Mold Length 457 mm 457 mm 457 mm
Mold Depth 2 x 127 mm 2 x 127 mm 2 x 127 mm
Daylight 222 mm 222 mm 222 mm
Mold Stroke 222 mm 222 mm 222 mm
Clamping Stations 4 8 8
Clamp Tonnage 11 11 15
Diehead Configurations
No. of Cavities R4-11 R8-11 R8-15
4 1
8 2/250 mm 1 1
12 3/170 mm
16 4/125 mm 2/250 mm 2/380 mm
20 5/100 mm
24 6/85 mm 3/170 mm 3/250 mm
32 4/125 mm 4/190 mm
40 5/100 mm 5/150 mm
48 6/85 mm 6/125 mm
56 7/100 mm
64 8/95 mm
72 9/85 mm
Maximum Outputs
Model R4-11 R8-11 R8-15
Minimum Cycle 12 Seconds 16 Seconds 16 Seconds
1 Head 1200/hr 1800/hr 1800/hr
2 Heads 2400/hr 3600/hr 3600/hr
3 Heads 3600/hr 5400/hr 5400/hr
4 Heads 4800/hr 7200/hr 7200/hr
5 Heads 6000/hr 9000/hr 9000/hr
6 Heads 7200/hr 10,800/hr 10,800/hr
7 Heads 12,600/hr
8 Heads 14,400/hr
9 Heads 16,200/hr
Utility Requirements
Model R4-11 R8-11 R8-15
Water 115GPM, 40°F, 96PSI 275GPM, 40°F, 96PSI 300GPM, 40°F, 96PSI
Air 100cu. ft/min@100PSI 150cu. ft/min@100PSI 200cu. ft/min@100PSI
Electrical 460V, 245KW 460V, 245KW 460V, 245KW
Hydraulics 30HP, 21GPM, 100 gallon tank 50HP, 41GPM, 150 gallon tank 75HP, 60GPM, 150 gallon tank
Parsion Control Panel

Blow Molding Documentation

Rotary Blower Data Sheet (PDF)

Key Features
  • Programmable Controllers
  • Touch Screen Operator Interfaces
  • Independent Parison Control
  • Quick Changeover
  • Roll Out Molds
  • Manifolded Back Plates
  • Positive Bottle Takeout
  • VFD Drive Controllers
  • State of the Art
  • Hydraulic Packages
  • Patented XY Clamp Mounted Blow Pin Assembly
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