Accumulator Rebuilds

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Machine Maintenance & Repair Services

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Plastic Prototype Development

R&B provides prototype development for bottle-design trials. Our process development experts can help you save on expensive die changes and costly material runs.
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MAX Parison Control
MAX Parison Control

The MAX Parison Control from R&B Plastics Machinery provides measurable, high- performance wall-thickness control of the blow mold parison. Engineered by R&B for each specific blow mold process, the MAX is a closed-loop system that features both time-base and position-base profiling.
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Five reasons to Use R&Bís Modernization Services

  • Proper maintenance / upgrades extend the life of capital equipment.
  • R&B works on all makes, all models.
  • Our service crews have over 450-years of collective experience.
  • R&B can stretch maintenance budgets to maximize production capacity.
  • Capital equipment improvements are value-added investments.

R&B personnel fully reconditioned and modernized a used Sterling dual-head Accumulator Machine. Our Rebuild Group thoroughly inspects and evaluates the old blow molding machinery to determine required components, then develops a quote at the most economical cost. We provide a rebuild/upgrade proposal that details all services and parts required.

Bottom-line: Our customer can have a full or partially refurbished machine with substantial savings over the cost of going with a new machine.


  • Excessive filth, surface areas are scratched, and paint is in poor condition
  • Worn and damaged machine components
  • Machine controls are outdated and difficult to readily locate replacement parts
  • Machine safety components are outdated or missing altogether


  • Machine is sand blasted complete and then industrial primed and painted using electrostatic painting system.
  • Complete teardown and replacement of worn or damaged components that meet or exceed OEM standards. Additionally, all R&B manufactured replacement components carry a one-year from ship date warranty.
  • R&B machine controls are completely redesigned to the latest industry components and standards, including new PLC, HMI, recipe storage, and other automated-controls options.
  • All R&B rebuilt machines are upgraded to the latest ANSI safety standards.
  • Additionally, R&B can provide you with various automated take-out options.


accumulator rebuild before pictureAccumulator Rebuild (Before)

accumulator rebuild before pictureClamp Station (Before)

accumulator rebuild before pictureControls (Before)

accumulator rebuild before pictureWater-cooled Extruder Rebuild (Before)

accumulator rebuild before pictureDiehead (Before)

accumulator rebuild before pictureHydraulic Power Unit (Before)

accumulator rebuild after pictureSample Mold (Before)


accumulator rebuild after pictureAccumulator Rebuild (After)

accumulator rebuild after pictureClamp Station (After)

accumulator rebuild after pictureControls (After)

accumulator rebuild after picture
Air-cooled Extruder Rebuild (After)

accumulator rebuild after pictureDiehead (After)

accumulator rebuild after pictureHydraulic Power Unit (After)

accumulator rebuild after pictureMold in Machine (After)