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R&B Plastics Machinery Unveils New MAX 1800 Series Injection Blow Machine Line

May 2nd, 2016

Company’s First IBM Machine Delivers Multiple Features for Trouble-Free Operation and Easy Maintenance
injection blow molding machine

SALINE, Mich., May 2, 2016 – R&B Plastics Machinery LLC, a leading manufacturer of blow molding machinery, single-screw plastic extruders, and extruder process screws, and a machinery rebuilder, has announced the launch of the MAX 1800 series injection blow molding (IBM) machine line which is designed to provide trouble-free operation and easy maintenance. The launch marks R&B’s entry into the Injection Blow Machine market. The company is already a leading supplier of extrusion blow molding (EBM) machines including wheel and shuttle systems.

R&B is introducing the MAX 1835 injection blow machine with a 135-ton injection clamp for production of a wide range of pharmaceutical and home and personal care bottles made of HDPE, LDPE, PET, SAN, and PP, among others. A bigger unit, the MAX 1880 with a 180-ton clamp, is in final design and is expected to be available in July 2016.
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R&B Plastics Machinery Unveils New MAX Series Mechanical Wheel at NPE 2015

March 13th, 2015

SALINE, Mich., March 9, 2015 – R&B Plastics Machinery LLC, a leading manufacturer of blow molding machinery, single-screw plastic extruders and extruder process screws, has announced the launch of a new high-volume MAX Series mechanical wheel blow molding machine. The new machine expands R&B’s wheel offering – which also includes rotary indexing wheels for calibrated finishes – and meets the packaging industry’s demand for high-volume equipment.
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R&B Plastics Machinery Launches New MAX Extrusion Control System at NPE 2015

February 27th, 2015

SALINE, Mich., February 3, 2015 – R&B Plastics Machinery LLC, a leading manufacturer of blow molding machinery, single-screw plastic extruders and extruder process screws, has announced the launch of a cost-effective extruder control system which delivers performance that is comparable to that of higher-end systems. R&B Plastics MAX Extrusion Control System utilizes an economical Windows CE-based Human Machine Interface (HMI) system that offers performance similar to SCADA software systems. R&B Plastics will feature the new control system at NPE2015: The International Plastics Showcase (Booth #W7065) March 23-27 in Orlando, Fla.
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Vent Bleed

February 25th, 2015

There are several extrusion applications where vented extruders are used. The main purpose of a vent extruder is for devolitizing the polymer of any volatiles, air, and moisture. There are two main reasons that the vent port on the extruder will “bleed” or allow polymer to be expelled out through the vent hole. The first reason can be a poor screw design and the other is a poorly designed vent diverter.

The typical resins that are vented are HIPS and ABS, so that resin dryer do not have to use in the process. Also, certain processes such as in-line sheet thermoforming of PP and light bulk density feedstock re-pelletizing applications where the main purpose is to remove air entrapment.
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The Extruder Screw isn’t Always the Problem!

January 30th, 2015

For several months now I have written articles which are bits of advice that I hope can be used to improve a process issue, but this month I want to pass on an experience that happened to me several years ago.

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Stainless Steel Extrusion, Blow Molding and Injection Screws

January 2nd, 2015

The most common base material that extrusion, blow molding and injection screws are manufactured out of is 4140 HT Steel at a 28-32 Rc condition. This grade of 4140 has a yield strength of 95-100 kPSI. The next most common base material used is 4340 HT Steel at a 28-32 Rc, which is approximately 10% stronger than 4140 and it is highly recommended to be used for high torque applications where fraction melt HDPE, PP and other viscous resins are being processed.
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Feed Section – Solids Conveying ( C = Consistently)

December 4th, 2014

“First you must feed the polymer Consistently”

Material Handling
The material handling of the feedstock is a very critical part of the extrusion process. If the feedstock is not introduced to the feedsection of screw in a smooth and uniform matter, then the likelihood of a stable and consistent output is unlikely. This is the reason why it is very important that if regrind is added to the virgin feedstock, it must be done very consistently and uniformly. It should also be mentioned here that a very important part of the extrusion equipment is the hopper and feedthroat section. If the hopper and feedthroat sections are not designed properly, inconsistent material flow to the screw can take place. For example, if the conical section of the hopper (see figure) does not have the proper transition, the resin will not flow smoothly into the feedthroat of the extruder.
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Extruder Screw Rebuilding

November 6th, 2014

Many people don’t realize the importance of making sure that the screw flight diameter clearance has a significant effect on the performance of their screws. There are some companies that do pull their screws, measure the flight diameter, and record the information. By doing this regular maintenance routine will help production to predict when they may need their next shut down to have a screw repaired or the purchase of a new screw. Read the rest of this entry »

Fred Piercy is Appointed President & General Manager of R&B Plastics Machinery LLC

October 30th, 2014

Fred PiercySALINE, Mich., October 29, 2014 – R&B Plastics Machinery, LLC, a leading engineering and manufacturing supplier of blow molding machines, single-screw extruders, and rebuild and upgrade services for blow molders and extruders, has announced the appointment of Fred Piercy, a 21-year veteran of the plastics packaging industry, as President & General Manager.

Piercy recently served as Business Director for Amcor Rigid Plastics Inc., Diversified Products Group. Amcor is a leading supplier of consumer-driven, rigid plastic packaging for the world’s most popular brands in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and personal/home care industries. Piercy brings in-depth experience in the plastics packaging industry having held management, sales, engineering, and manufacturing positions in the industry for over 21 years.
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Extruder Screw Cooling

October 8th, 2014

coefficient of frictionThere are basically three Coefficients of Friction (Figure 1) that take place in the feed section of the screw, (1) between the barrel and the pellet, (2) between pellet to pellet, and (3) between the root of the screw and the plastic pellet.

Screw cooling on the feed section core of the screw should always be installed. In most cases, screw cooling will be a benefit to the process. It will give the operator another “zone” of control of the extruder. The main theory of “solids conveying” is that the resin must “stick to the barrel” and “slip on the screw”. By cooling the root of the screw it will reduce the Coefficient of Friction between the steel of the screw and the plastic pellet.
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