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R&B Plastics Machinery is an OEM of custom single-screw extruders and blow molding machines, including downstream equipment. We offer:

  • FULL SERVICE: a complete range of services from mechanical, electrical design and field-service support.
  • REBUILD SERVICES: Besides manufacturing new equipment, we also provide retrofit and complete modernization upgrades for mechanical components and electrical control systems for all Extruder and Blow Molder brands.
  • QUICK RESPONSE TIME: We are Midwest-based near Ann Arbor, MI, just 30-minutes from DTW Airport -- convenient for expert service/support by our 18-person field crew.
  • CALL US: We are ready to assist with machine upgrades or lean-manufacturing projects at your facilities.

A USA Company: All design, engineering and manufacturing done in Saline, MI. Call today: 734-429-9421


The mission of R&B Plastics Machinery will be to provide engineered products and supportive services in a quality and competitive manner for the plastics extrusion and blow molding machinery markets. R&B will be a financially successful company, dedicated to long-term growth and committed to on-going product development. All of our employees will be provided with a safe working environment and our actions will be guided by manufacturing and management best practices.

MAX Parison Controls

Located in Saline, Michigan, R&B Plastics Machinery has been engineering and manufacturing blow molding machines and single-screw extruders since 1980. We provide remanufacturing and modernization services for R&B Plastics Machinery blow molders and extruders, but also for other manufacturers' equipment as well.

Along with our sister company, Monroe Mold, R&B Plastics Machinery can offer rapid plastic prototype molds for bottle product testing and development on our in-house lab blow molder. Upon testing completion, R&B Plastics and Monroe Mold can determine the best blow molding machine and blow mold design to support your production needs.

Plastic Blow Molding Equipment

In operation since 1980, R&B Plastics Machinery offers blow molding machinery designs with single or multiple parison and layer structures for:

MAX Extruders: New Line of Single-Screw Extruders

MAX Extruder Machine

R&B Plastics Machinery is the manufacturer of the MAX series model of Single-Screw Plastics Extruders from 1.0 inch to 10.0 inch diameters. We offer a complete range of barrel L/D requirements, water or air barrel temperature control, screw designs and control systems. R&B Plastics can also provide mechanical and electrical rebuild and reconditioning services for all makes of single-screw extruders

R&B Plastics Machinery also manufactures bottle trimmer and deflasher systems for low or high-volume bottle production. Through our staff of mechanical and electrical engineers, R&B Plastics Machinery can provide proven standard machinery design configurations. Or, we can offer custom engineered machinery for demanding proprietary requirements. R&B Plastics Machinery field service group provides start-up and repair services for our blow molder and extrusion machinery. Our service support group also provides operational training, process support and spare parts.

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